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    Thanks for the insult Howard, I’ve previously been called many things on this forum but a “puritanical socialist” is a first! But having said that, unless you’re having a laugh, I’m not quite sure how you’ve reached that impression of me?

    Admittedly, I personally feel that to spend that much money on a dress is somewhat obscene, much the same as I do with premiership footballers “earnings”. But I’m not anti football because of that nor am I an anti royalist because they have money to burn and lead, as you would expect, a different and cosseted life compared with the rest of us mortals. In fact to be honest I’m simply indifferent to them, but certainly not “anti”.

    Anyway, old Liz and I are on good terms now since I received the invitation shown below, not the sort of bash a “puritanical socialist “ would attend I expect?

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