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    From the Captains link she says she says about herself...

    "We now call it first generation African-heritage. And so the music – we lived at a time where petrol was ten pence a gallon, bus fare was one and a half pence, chips was two and a half pence, and so the economic situation was quite difficult. Mum and dad had seven. But we were really happy. I think we were the only African-heritage family on our road. There was no other black families. But we got along with most people. We didn’t see too much racism as children – or we didn’t notice it.".....

    Selective memory maybe? When she was a child racism was a lot more obvious than it is now, I would guess things have only really improved within the last 20yrs even if we still have a long way to go.


    Strange how only white people are racist never those of colour, I wonder how many light skinned people from Africa or the Caribbean are allowed in her cosy little group.

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