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    I know far too little about the NHS (the eighth largest employer on the planet according to Wikipedia) to do other than to point out minor problems.

    The last time it was looked at 'properly' was under a Royal Commission on the National Health Service which was set up by the Wilson government in 1975.

    It was to consider the "best use and management of the financial and manpower resources of the NHS" and took four years to report (by which time there had been a change of government!)

    I suggest it needs another Royal Commission after more than half a century.

    We need to be realistic about funding, the choice is not between 'our wonderful NHS' and the USA.

    Most countries have provision of 'universal health care' and none of them has copied our model, most being funded by a mixture of private insurance and tax.

    We also need to be realistic about just how much money we are willing to spend to improve or extend peoples' lives by how much.

    If we spent 100% of GDP on health care, there would still be room for 'improvements' on treatments and provision.

    However good the health service is everybody ends up dead.

    The quicker a Royal Commission is set up the quicker it might report.

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