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    1. NHS letter arrives today to book consultant on line.

    2. Choice of five hospitals - letter says all see 9 out of 10 patients within 21 weeks.

    3. Click on each. No appointment available 'at this time'.

    4. Keep clapping?

    I won't bother telling you about the wait for wait for tests at QEQM (1 year! Corvid blamed naturally!)), delay in getting test results to doctor (I ended up tracking them down to a computer in Canterbury after a week (from where they were sent immediately by e-mail once I contacted them) or delay in transcribing Doctor's letter for consultant (try 'phoning up medical secretaries and recorded message asks you to 'phone after 14.00 - then I find they are only working mornings - so you can only contact them when they are not there!)

    Bloody briliant.

    1.4 MILLION Employees.

    Spends £1 BILLION every 60 hours

    Envy of the world?

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