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    Letters, May 4th...
    "What about hedgehogs (Letters, 2 May). A first sighting today of a road accident hedgehog since the badger population explosion made a hedgehog survival a nightmare. I now treasure sightings of queen bumblebees, also less frequent because of hungry badgers who turn out their nests to eat the bee pupae.
    Deb Nicholson
    Barrow Gurney, Somerset"

    Letters, May 6th...
    "If badgers are indeed responsible for the decline of hedgehogs and bumblebees (Letters, 4 May), they are clearly cunning and devious enough to play the waiting game, living in balance with these species since the ice age, biding their time and waiting to launch their attack just as we began to spray pesticides and pave over our gardens.
    Stuart Darmon
    Theddingworth, Leicestershire"

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