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    Ok Jan it wasn't seven hours nor was it five hours. In fact it lasted just over five and a half hours. Five and a half hours devoted to animals. If that wasn't bad enough more time was wasted on a MP's dog show. This is where our taxes go to eh?
    People dying, suffering in the world and this is the best they can do to serve us?
    I wouldn't mind but the debate has had not one iota of impact on legislation. Instead it gave extremely self indulgent MPs to grandstand and pontificate and turn animals into political footballs.
    Everyone seemed to get their collective knickers in a twist when the expenses scandal hit the headlines and yet are willing to blindly accept this sort of nonsense.
    Someone should tell these people that we're in a recession.
    Oh sorry they cooked the books on that one apparently we're in recovery. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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