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     Paul Watkins wrote:
    I believe crap is gender neutral.

    That made me laugh out loud.

    Ladies and Gentlemen and those who are a Rainbow , here are some of the terms we are now supposed to use, sorry but I am a rebel on this subject.

    Folks, folx, or everybody instead of guys or ladies/gentleman
    Humankind instead of mankind
    People instead of man/men
    Members of Congress instead of congressmen
    Councilperson instead of councilman/councilwoman
    First-year student instead of freshman
    Machine-made, synthetic, or artificial instead of man-made
    Parent or pibling instead of mother/father
    Child instead of son/daughter
    Kiddo instead of boy/girl
    Sibling instead of sister/brother
    Nibling instead of niece/nephew
    Partner, significant other, or spouse instead of girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband
    Flight attendant instead of steward/stewardess
    Salesperson or sales representative instead of salesman/saleswoman
    Server instead of waiter/waitress
    Firefighter instead of fireman

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