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     Sue Nicholas wrote:
    Bob Oh you are so funny .Yes I was a teenager in the fifties lots of Americans in East Anglia .Some of the posters on here have never lived in that era .Those were the days my friend .When I’m created a Dame I shall be called Sylvia again .
    Some of my fellow Councillors used to say when I was chairing meetings I only had to give one look .

    Funny funny Sue or funny ha ha. Not sure I can recall a pantomime with a Dame Sylvia as part of the cast. Never had you down as a candidate for treading the boards, but if you must, it would be a shame not to be able to utilise your vast array of hats.

    Wasn’t there a part for a hat wearer in Alice in Wonderland?

    ‘Those were the days my friend.’ Here it is again:-

    As for ‘Just one look,’ whatever!

    Perhaps others on this forum have memories of songs from the past still lurking in the background?

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