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    I thought that starting this thread might provide some food for thought during the current crisis and maybe get away from Brexit for a while!

    Whilst I was out walking the dog this morning It was eerily quiet. I passed the dairy which has been disused for some years now and passed field after field completely devoid of any livestock.

    When I arrived back home I mentioned this to my wife who was preparing the lunch and she said, “look, this is unusual too this chicken was produced in the U.K.”

    In years gone by none of the above would have been worthy of mention as the existence of our agricultural industry was something we all took for granted.

    After joining the Common Market this changed in many ways as our farmers succumbed to the rules which gradually eroded their business.

    They began to accept subsidies for hedge cutting and other non food producing activities which benefited farmers in Europe to the detriment of our own food industry.

    Then the term ‘food mountain’ came to long term memory still functions well it seems and my wife is still talking to me!

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