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    At least there's one from the younger generation to take over from Princess Anne who we all know as our 'hardest working (sic) royal'.

    From Hello Magazine so it must be true:-

    'Princess Eugenie has been hard at work this week. Having opened the Britton Centre at Wilson's School in Sutton last week, the royal has now been seen at the World Economic Forum (commonly known as Davos)'.

    (The Davos snow report is: 16 out of 18 Lifts open. 55 of 95.5 km of pistes open. Our model predicted that 5cm (2.0 inches) of snow fell over 42 hours between Friday 20 of January at 4PM and Sunday 22 of January at 10AM CET at the mid mountain level. Compacted depth will be less. Davos Piste State: Powder).


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