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    I think we are seeing the last few years of our Royal family as we know it. There are none members of the royal family to follow the Queen when she dies or packs it in. Not one of them has the respect of not only the UK public but the respect of the Commonwealth and indeed the world like our Queen has got .Her own family bar one and that is princess Ann her own sister like the Queen has earned respect from all of us . Prince Charles lost the publics respect of the public over his treatment of princess Diana . Then we move to Prince Andrew, not only has he let the Queen down but again lost respect over the way he went and acted over the case of the sex case . And the list goes on and on with prince Edward going to the U.S.A. and speaking about his own family. I see that when the Queen dies many countries that fly the Union Jack as partof their own flag will drop it and adopt a new flag without the Union Jack on it. We have a great Queen who has been very loyal .But she is the last one.

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