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    Thank you for your post sir and view, I hope in time to prove you are wrong but at my age who knows.But I will just had ,that the D.D.C. have spend a lot of cash on doing up the town hall which has a lot of history behind it, when it opens fully again you will see a lot of visitors going to it which will be a help to the town. We also have in the town centre the very good Dover college with like the town hall a great history behind it with some very famous pupils going to it. yes the town needs a ramp up which sorry is not getting done yet.Deal is very nice and we go there a lot but like other towns shops are closing down .and unlike Dover they do not have a history like Dover and port to back it up,yes they have two very good castles with good history but nothing like Dover has.And you must see that sir.Dover has and getting more nice shops with in the town and over the years there will be a lot more. Yes the town needs all to move closer and the top end needs to all be housing I mean good housing and not one bed room flats. This will not happen but if they got rid of the town council and the staff apart from the town clark could have a new roll with leader making a town centre office with the mayor still in office for events etc, but picked by the public. But that will not happen in my life time. But the cost of running this could come out of the very large presets and funds they have and that would also give the D.D.C. more funds . and take out the politics which not helping at this time. Still lots more to come yet. than you.Dover has lost it character over many years and having been here from 1942 I have seen it go. they should have left the shopping lanes we had when they pull it all down the characters went with it, but we are where we are and need to work to get it all back and with hard work and the right members of the public in the right place it can be done.

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