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     howard mcsweeney1 wrote:
    I do think many people from Deal are rather jealous of what we have in Dover, despite them having a much better shopping precinct. Wherever one lives in Dover we are close by to spectacular views and great walks on the Western Heights. Standing on our sea front we look out at super ferries, stunning cruise liners, great containerships from exotic climes and people enjoying themselves in the water by the Sea Sports Centre. Until DHB turned nasty we had a wonderful pier to walk along or fish from.

    Deal is featureless and when one stands on the sea front looking out one just sees the er erm sea and a little pier with a lousy cafe on the end.

    It just doesn't make sense. Rising population, rocketing house prices and almost weekly appearance in the latest 'best place to live' section in the national press.

    When are people going to realise how feature rich Dover is and move there instead, so that I can finally find a parking space in Deal.

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