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    On Sunday January 17th the world's no1 Brass Band, the Cory Band, will be playing at the Charlton Church in Dover. The concert will be from 1530 until 1730 and tickets are available online.

    These guys are, as you can imagine, phenomenally good.

    Also, if anyone has or knows some under 18 brass players (who have a modicum of skill with their instrument), we are running a 1 hour masterclass for up to 50 young people with the leading players of the Cory Band between 1400 and 1500 before the concert and these young people will get to share the stage with the Cory Band for two pieces during the concert. This is a great opportunity for our local youth to get an hour learning from some of the best players in the world and then to share a stage with them. The cost of the masterclass is being met by the Dover Town Council, so it will be free at point of delivery for our youngsters.

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