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    Just goes to show that the mess this country can get in due to social media and poorly worded TV reports, along with ministers saying "there is no need to panic"......

    Everyone will argue they NEED their car, but many when they actually think about it, if they live in Dover, could walk to get food, get on buses or trains to get to work. It just is convenient to get in a car, but in many cases, it's not always needed for short periods of time.

    For example, I could walk to a bus stop or Dover Priory and get buses and trains to work, working shifts it would mean my journey going from 25 minutes to anything between 1 and 3 hours, and I'm a critical worker! It would be a pain in the backside, but I could, and may end up having to do it if it doesn't get any better.

    (Please don't start quoting what about disabled, elderly, care workers, nurses etc etc etc, I know there will always be people that need a car, I'm just saying many can adjust if they can be bothered)

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