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    Although I am sure that with a little imagination a happy ending could be assured, therein lies the problem, if imagination alone could achieve 'bliss', on any level, there would be less of a market for their wares.

    It is...difficult... to visualise what could be in the window that would not attract the attention of lively little minds. (little in the sense of as yet not fully grown, groan!) Though, James Bond posters is an idea that would be hard to gainsay.

    Then again, if we all were to join in a determined effort to to shield the young from harmful images, maybe we should begin with Confectioners?
    Talking about the supposed allure of all things sweet...
    "The onslaught of NHS-sponsored sugar sales begins before the inpatient's encounter with the ward trolley (Report, 7 September). Last week I endured many hours overnight in the stiflingly hot A&E waiting room at Watford general hospital. The only drinking water available cost £1.40 for a 330ml bottle; Coca Cola was £1 from the same vending machine. The large choice of snacks offered to this captive audience was confined to competing brands of chocolate and crisps.
    Susan Bailey
    Kings Langley, Hertfordshire"

    There was, and maybe there still is, a shop not far from me with an entirely innocuous name above the well painted boards over the window glass. Leaving the passer by to guess what there was for sale, the OTT security being the sole clue:It sold guns.

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