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    Thanks very much indeed Terry, what super photos of Kiddy-winks. I was hoping that somebody else would do the honours since Eleanor quite rightly points out that I should not be doing so myself as an interested party.

    Kyilie has four daughters so if anybody knows kiddies clothing then she does. She has chucked in a job she loved down at the refreshment kiosk on the beach at St. Margaret's Bay to try her hand at this. She and her partner Eddie have redecorated the unit and put all their savings into this venture so I am just praying that it turns out to be a success for them. She is a truly lovely lady and needs a bit of luck.

    My wife Chris had the same unit a year or two ago and tried to sell Shabby Chic furniture from it without much luck, maybe Dovorians thought the town was shabby enough already! She moved on to another unit and a totally different line of business which I shall take care not to mention!

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