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    Seaside towns have become 'dumping grounds' for poor, says think-tank

    Seaside towns once considered among the most fashionable addresses in Britain have become

    little more than "dumping grounds" for people with problems, an influential think-tank claims.

    The collapse of the "bucket and spade" holiday market with the arrival of package holidays in the

    1970s and the long seaside property slump has left many resorts more likely to attract homeless

    and unemployed people or ex-offenders than tourists, according to the Centre for Social Justice.

    All but a handful of once booming towns have become virtual seaside "ghettoes" with poverty levels now

    comparable those seen in deprived inner city areas, it finds.

    In some run-down districts up to two thirds of working age people now rely on unemployment benefits

    - a proportion which barely falls during the holiday season when short-term work would once have

    boosted the local economy.

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