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    Much later than intended, for which apologies, are some photos of our party at the Dover.Channel Dash Memorial.

    Above, left to right: David McFarlane, son of Pilot Officer (later Squadron Leader) Robert Mcfarlane, 83 Squadron who was awarded a Bar to his DFC for hi part in Operation Fuller; Fred Pugh and Anna Pugh, great-grandson and granddaughter of Flight Lieutenant (later Flying Officer) Crawford Morley-Brown, the Intelligence Officer at RAF Scampton where 83 Squadron was based at the time of the Channel Dash. Flight Lieutenant Morley-Brown did not usually fly but had asked permission to go on an operational flight so that he would have an understanding of what the crew members he was responsible for debriefing had experienced.

    Me on the left and a friend Hartley Moyes who very kindly looked after the accommodation arrangements in Dover and also drove us down from Yorkshire and back again. n (A bit shaky as it was a very windy day.)

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