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    It was this very continued interest (I imagine that probably every school pupil in the Dover area and some way beyond visits the memorial at least once during their education) which led to us asking for No. 12 and No. 83 Squadrons, Bomber Command to be added. A hole in history has been filled in (well, two holes).

    We are hopeful that the son of Flight Lieutenant Morley-Brown (as I believe he was at the time of Operation Fuller, I'm just waiting for confirmation) will be able to make a visit soon with his wife (he is currently laid up with a broken femur). Longer term, we are hoping that the two nieces of the Australian rear gunner from David's father's plane will be able to come over to visit the memorial.

    We had a good journey back, thank you, stopping off at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Newark Air Museum on the way .

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