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    Finally got through to them today. The young female I spoke to thought it was funny that I had been trying to call them for two weeks without ever getting a response. No sorry at all. It turns out that they have not even been given the go ahead by the NHS to open a practice there yet. I was given an appt for Jan 11th three weeks ago. Now I was told the earliest would be June. From Jan11th to June!! I would not be interested in ever having anything to do with such a shoddy outfit and declined her offer. Now to get my money back. Already started that process. One can imagine the amount of clients cash they are sitting on. What were they doing taking it before they even knew if they could open at all. The QCC are also looking into it I hear. In response to Granny Slater...If I could I would enforce the covid rules so blatantly being broken in Dover. One in every three people in Dover have the virus.

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