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    Effing gulls. I mean they're beautiful and everything, but how anything that graceful to look at can make such an unholy racket of a noise makes me think evolution messed up somewhere along the line with them. Why can't they sing like nightingales or something?

    As a shift worker they suck.

    They used to regularly cull them in the '70s didn't they? By going to the nests and blowing the eggs out and leaving the shells?

    Can anyone confirm this or is it something I've misremembered/was misinformed about? They were less of a pain and less aggressive then than they are now, weren't they?.

    I'm pretty sure they're not that endangered any more. And, if some of the species are, can't we just get rid of those big flipping noisy ones?

    Obviously agree with previous posters on the "we ask for it" front. This is every Wednesday night in town. You might as well put out a bird table for them:

    London did something about the Trafalgar Square pigeon problem. Why can't Dover do something about these c***s?

    (I'd better add: With a touch of sarcasm, for the hard of thinking)

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