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    The seagull population in and around Dover has surely this year not surprisingly gone beyond epidemic proportions.The early morning and late evening noise levels even miles inland have become a daily excruciating nightmare,not to mention the filth being deposited everywhere by these huge beady eyed birds swooping everywhere with their young ones in tow constantly calling for food.Are the inhabitants of Dover blind and deaf to the fact that year on year the increase in population of these creatures at the rate of an average of two eggs per pair with adults living up to 35 years without any control whatever will mean surely in a very short time the predominant species will eventually become avian?Bristol,Gloucester,Dundee and other like cities have in place prominent signs and notices telling people not to feed and thereby encourage this nuisance.What happened to the regular nest clearances promoted by Arthur T.Blackman?Can Dover not at least show willing and follow suit for a start?

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