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    I'm sorry to have to inform you all that Howard recently passed away in the William Harvey hospital.
    It's sad when one of our active community people pass away.

    I became aware of Howard in the 90's where he gave me a lot of advice around councils and local opinions(and of course his own !!!!!)

    I also became aware he was very close to those next door Oceanne who he doted upon and Karine

    Over the years Howard was known on the forum taking photos of people (who is it?) some moaned but I suspect that many in the community wanted to be found, and in his photos.

    Howard went on to give clear views on what he thought, not worrying about how he said it, but usually it was wise words.

    Obviously communities were in his blood as he was active in Essex before moving to Dover in the political arena.

    He helped to run the youth club in its early days at the community hall, and always advertised events in the hall.

    Howard could often be seen at the top of priory street waiting for the 68 bus to go home.
    or at bottom of Belgrave road waiting to get bus into town, chatting the short distance was always a pleasure, and Howard had no problems telling me if he thought I was going wrong.

    Howard also doted on a cat that came to his house and wouldn't leave that sadly died a few months ago.

    Howard will always be known as the chap who was always smiling
    A community champion
    This is one of Dover's saddest days.
    Once details of future arrangements are known I will post on here


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