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    I have a bit of an anecdote that connects vaguely to Peter O'Toole.

    Years ago, it must have been late sixties, I was out on a warm summers evening with a friend in the Dublin Mountains and we were riding about on our Honda motorbikes. The motorbikes were red in an era when all bikes were in keeping with the Henry Ford philosophy of..'you can have any colour you want as long as its black'...the Honda name was new then and revolutionary. We swept down from the Dublin Mountains into a village called Enniskerry. As we rode into the village I noticed there was more than the usual few people about.. there was a buzz. We parked our bikes by the monument in the very centre of the village and strolled off.

    A few minutes later a sweaty harassed chap of importance with a high octane furrowed brow came galloping down the centre of the village shouting in a highly stressed manner..."who left those bloody motorbikes there".."who left those.." well you get the picture.

    We shuffled forward in bewilderment.
    Just then I noticed a white mini parked next to where I was standing..and lo and behold it was Susannah York at the wheel of the mini. I nearly fell over as she was a huge name then. It was late sixties. We twigged. They were shooting a movie.

    We moved the red motorbikes from beside the monument as they were right in the middle of the scene and totally not in keeping with the era they were trying to create. It seems if they had of been old British machinery all would have been fine. As soon as the bikes were out of shot they rolled into production. Action...and Susannah York drove her car around the monument and up to the Police station at the head of the village. She did this same drive numerous times and came back to base as it were every time. Summoning up some teenage courage I walked up and knocked at her car window, she rolled it down and we chatted briefly and I took a picture which i have to this day in enprint form. Then she was off again to do the same scene over and over.

    We fetched our motorbikes and rode on to Bray.
    I met her several times at various events in the preceding years.
    As I mentioned the connection though with Peter O 'Toole is vague...he was also in the very same movie and was in the village on the evening mentioned but I didnt see him. Himself and Susannah York made several films together. I eventually saw him years later on the London stage. I cant remember the name of the aforementioned movie but I did see it in about 1969/1970. The scene mentioned lasted only about 35 seconds in it, but took a long time to shoot. In the movie it was supposed to be Scotland but you and I know it as Enniskerry, just below the Dublin Mountains.

    They are both dead now...great pity.

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