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    another week and yet more well known. liked, respected and/or cherished people pass on

    In the last week we have lost:

    Gary Rhodes: Chef and TV presenter aged 59
    Clive James: Australian broadcaster and author aged 80
    Jonathan Miller: director and humorist, aged 85
    Iain Sutherland: singer song-writer who helped compose Sir Rod Stewart hit 'Sailing' aged 71
    Colin Mawby: English organist, composer and conductor aged 83
    Olly Croft: British darts administrator, founder of the British Darts Organisation aged 90
    Sir Stephen Cleobury: English organist, director of the Choir of King's College, Cambridge aged 70
    Chris Moncrieff: British journalist, political editor of the Press Association aged 88
    Colin Skipp: British actor (The Archers) aged 80

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