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    The last post is talking rubbish there is over 1 million jobs to fill up and not all are for tradesmen my still offered a job my brother worked till he was 80yrs and he too has been told you want to come back we need you. even in the 1980s when there was not a lot of work around I just packed my bags looked in the Sun news paper saw jobs going in Germany for welders went to London on Tuesday passed the welding test and on Saturday same week found my self in Germany working the following week. But so many vacancies just like it was in the 1950s and talking about tradesmen they can now pick up work and over £600 per week with ease in the UK. But even if you are not a tradesman firms are taking on men and women and training them up and the pay is good even if training, If I was fit my boss told we would have you back even at my 79 years of age because they cannot get the workers. So to say a older person is taking away jobs for the young is rubbish. Yes they have to many air plane staff right now but on the news this morning they are working in the fields on farms, and some have join up the R.A.F as pilots etc .Lot of work out there and with good pay.Firms are taking on anyone even ones pass the retiring age.And part-time to.

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