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    Vic, there is no such thing as 'free health care', the only question is how it is paid for.

    The very fact that we are living longer and you for example (and possibly me) ' have got more out then I paid in ' suggests that the present model is unsustainable, a bit like my index linked pension from public service which none of my children will enjoy.

    The Royal Commission on the National Health Service was set up by the Wilson government in 1975. It was to consider the "best use and management of the financial and manpower resources of the NHS".

    That's nearly half a century ago and many of the treatments and the technology available today would be unrecognisable to those on the Commission.

    Time for another Royal Commission methinks. The present system won't work any better just by chucking money at it and if we're not careful we will be spending so much on inefficiently treating 'illness' that we will have little left to spend and enjoy while we are still healthy.

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