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     Button wrote:
    I'm baffled; I thought your point was precisely that (non-criminal) asylum seekers are forced to turn up unannounced on beaches, along with any recidivist claimants(?) and other foreign nationals there may be?

    As for Romney Marsh, cf.

    In that case, we're both baffled, Button. I am of the view that asylum seekers, who are indeed not criminals, (unless you can show me law that proves otherwise), have been compelled to take to small boats to get here. I tried to explain why the absence of other means of reaching the UK have necessitated this. I've also tried to explain that recidivist numbers (i.e those who have been deported following a previously failed application) are low. Other foreign nationals? Who do you mean?

    As for Romney Marsh, well of course some will end up there. It's the nature of the wind and the tides. There hasn't been a harbour authority along the marsh, as far as I know, since the Dr Syn days. Everything has either been reclaimed or silted up. It's not as extensive but it's an area broadly comparable with the coast of Northern France.

    Were you being ironic? Do current asylum seekers come festooned with packs of contraband Old Holborn in the hope of making a swift euro or two to top up their benefits (£5.70 per week) when they get processed? Do they really sit at the Dungeness RHDR station hoping to make a fast get away before the rozzers show up?

    This all getting too surreal for me. I don't think I can add anything else.

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