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     Reginald Barrington wrote:
    Asylum claims to the UK reach highest level in nearly 20yrs!

    "There were 37,562 asylum applications (relating to 44,190 people) in the UK in the year ending September 2021. This is 18% more than the previous year and higher than at the peak of the European Migration crisis in year ending June 2016 (36,546). As shown in Figure 2, it is the highest number of asylum applications in the UK since the year ending June 2004 (39,746),"

    I notice your quote was unattributed, Reggie. This is from the government's own web site:-

    There were 31,115 asylum applications (relating to 37,235 people) in the UK in the year ending June 2021, 4% fewer than the previous year. There were 2,756 applications from Unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC), 15% fewer than the previous year.

    Link is below.

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