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    What a ridiculous, nasty post.

    I wonder if you are either trolling or have totally lost the plot, and your rant - and it really is a rant - is shot through with logical fallacy.

    How typical to be labeled a bigot" simply because I happen to support law enforcement. You utterly fail to answer my perfectly reasonable question about the many costs of accommodating these illegals, you just spout insults.

    So how come I am a bigot and other people with the same POV are not?

    Of course house building causes environmental destruction!

    Oh and by the way stop twisting my words about the RNLI. Your distortions are downright offensive. I was trying to point out they risk their lives and are unable to help others when dealing with people who are risking their own lives attempting illegal entry.

    Other than that, go and have a lie down my friend, I think you need it.

    Good day.

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