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     Andrew P Stucken wrote:
    One of many things you don't get, whoever you are.

    How many illegal immignartts have you offered to put up in your home?

    And explain to me how you square the circle of being an apologist for illegal immigration with the cost it imposes - strain on the NHS, housing, environmental destruction to build houses, the widespread angst it causes, the extra pollution and crowding these people will cause, the strain on the Lifeboat Service, the fact that they are all coming for a safe country and the fact that England is already one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

    I am genuinely curious because I have tried and I cannot reach that level of doublethink.

    And that is if you are capable of engaging directly with points rather than resorting to dismissive sweeping generalisations and copying and pasting (lies, damned lies and) statistics that are not necessarily accurate.

    As an aside, I would like to point out that you have the far easier job in this debate as you get to occupy the moral high ground while the vast majority of people such as myself taking the perfectly reasonable view that we cannot be a life raft for the world are cast as "nasty, mean, racist" etc which we are not. Maybe we are rfghtly just concerned about the matters I mention above? Think and write badly of me if you like but it takes more gits to argue this POV than it does your virtue signalling, guilt-tripping angle.

    What an odious little rant. How dare you imply that there is a moral obligation on me, or indeed anyone, to house asylum seekers because we might empathise with their position? It reminds me of the idiots posting memes on social media of photoshopped boats arriving with speech bubbles saying 'take me to Gary Lineker's house'. Puerile in the extreme. You cannot conflate how we behave as a society to the actions of the individual. And you accuse me of 'doublethink'.

    'Environmental destruction to build houses?' Are you really that stupid? So asylum seekers are causing trees to be cut down, countryside to be concreted over and air pollution are they? FFS.

    I loathe the way you choose to drag the lifeboat service in to justify your bigotry. I've two close friends who served on the Dover lifeboat for many years, both now retired, and a younger drinking buddy who has transferred to the Tower of London station. I can promise you that these people risk their lives for anyone in danger at sea without your judgmental BS. You remind me of that other bigot Farage describing the RNLI as providing an immigrants taxi service. You probably failed to take notice of how the lifeboat volunteers bridled at his description and how public donations rose as a result.

    Finally, I have never tried to take the moral high ground. All I've done is to post facts about the migrant situation, however unpalatable you might find them. Mostly, I use the House of Commons library to quote statistics. If, from the elevated position of your pedestal, you chose to dispute them then you are quite free to tell me where and how I am wrong. And have I accused you of being 'nasty, mean or a racist'? No I have not. I rather feel sorry for you and others like you who could never understand the meaning of the adage 'walk a mile in my shoes'

    Nevertheless, you'll find your supporters on here. Most will be of the same disposition as you. I couldn't care less. If you're trying to make me feel morally questioned simply because I'm unwilling to demonise these people, then you're doomed to failure. Frankly, I could really give a flying f**k about your sad perspective on life. I actually feel quite sorry for you.

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