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     Andrew P Stucken wrote:
    But we are only looking at about 400,000 illegal arrivals p.a. at last Thursday's rate. Four million over ten years. That is trivial. They can easily fit into England - there is plenty of room and no pressure on housing, environment, Health Service etc.

    We should take in all the refugees in Belarus as well. It is our moral duty. They should be our top priority. Anyone who disagrees is racist*.

    * And a morally inferior, unwoke, terrible, nasty person.

    Oh dear. Below is from the House of Commons library again. It's quite easy to check the facts before you post BS, if you're prepared to expend a little effort.

    The number of asylum applications to the UK peaked in 2002 at 84,132. After that the number fell sharply to reach a twenty-year low point of 17,916 in 2010, before rising again to reach 35,737 in 2019.

    The number of applications fell slightly to 29,456 applications in 2020, as the combined result of far fewer arrivals by air and an increase in arrivals by small boat across the English Channel.

    Asylum seekers made up around 6% of immigrants to the UK in 2019.

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