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     Sue Nicholas wrote:
    Picture of her. On another site attending Merchant Navy Day.You cannot comment as she blocks people.Whats my point.It was not an occasion for a selfie picture.Yes you get a picture of DDC Chairman or the Dover Mayor But they are never posed.They will be laying a wreath with dignity.Im sick of her attending events for selfie pictures.Charlie used to attend but he never made it a photo call .He would mingle with people.Of course she did not wear a hat .

    This photo call thing is a complete nonsense, the only difference between Natalie and Charlie, or any other politician for that matter, is that she is deliberately posing for the photo. while most go with the make it look natural and unposed look.
    Obviously it works though and fools some people, but don't think it makes them any better or different to the rest. At least Natalie is showing a hit of honesty and not pretending.

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