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    One of them I must tell you is the day I was called into the headmasters office.
    I turned to my mates and said"It must be the cane again I was always getting it,(It should come back today)
    I went to his office and waited till I was called in "What have I done wrong today sir.? His name was Mr Beal"NO NO Matcham you are ok this time."
    He then went on to say "We know you play the violin and I would like you to play at the school morning assembly.
    We had them then all of the school in the main hall each day.
    Went home very happy about it told mum and dad they were very please, that kind of thing did not happen a lot with me I was always fighting and most because I played the violin ,and got called a lot of names.
    In the morning I got up in front of the whole school and played to them and it did go off well.
    Later in the day one of the older lads and he was very big about 6ft and he was not well like by us because he and his mates would pick on us.
    Anyway he came up to me and said"Vic you do play that well can I have a look at it.
    You never said no to him so I put the case on the wall got it out ,he took hold of it and hit me on the head with it
    Well in was smashed to bits.
    I put what was left of it back into the case and went home.
    When My dad came in from work he asked how did you get on did they like it.
    I told him it went down well .
    "You look upset son whats wrong?
    So I told him what had happen and showed him the violin .
    But I could see he was not a happy man ,he then went on to aske who done it and he would go round and sort him out and get you a new one .Who was it .
    When I told him who he said "OH well son I will buy you the new one. I do not have the time to round there. True story they are still about today a very hard family and lots of them and in their day a hand full to deal with.Thank you till the next time at the weekend,

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