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    Like all kids then at about the ages of 11 to 15 we all made four wheel carts .
    Youdo not see that done anymore.
    After we had made them we would ride them at top speed down the hill at the end of Westbury rd.(And that is some hill)We would speed down that at top speed and hope to turn into the lane on the left hand side at the bottom just before the hill joined up with the main Folkestone Rd .
    We was Q up ready to take our turns in going down and it came to my turn the good thing about my cart I had fixed a hand break made out of wood with rubber on the end to help slow the cart down as I was going down the hill.
    Well this one day it had been raining which was no help, I set off down the hill at speed I put the hand break on to slow me down so I could take the turn into the lane but it came off in my hand .
    I could not jump off going to fast so at the bottom I shot across the rd and hit the wall on the other side.
    I was take to the Hospital which was in the Dover high St,(Yes we had our own ones in Dover then.And was in there two days.
    I will only tell a few story,s of my school days because of time.

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