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    Vic Matcham

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    Dover back in the 1950s and 1960s was the in town to be in. 24/7 you could walk around the town and there would be folk out .Not like it is today.
    There was no one way round the town like it is now,Bus,car, lorry bikes all going up and down the high st from one end to the other.
    Trying to get across the road you would take your life in your hands.There was only just room for the bus to pass each other and with bus stops all the way up the high st if you was in a car you just had to wait till the bus moved off never room to go by.
    But that help make the town great to be walking around,there were shops of all sizes small and big.
    We had no less then four Cinemas in the town.

    There was full employment with jobs out numbering the public to fill them we could walk out of a job in the morning and back in at a new job on the same day.

    There was four coal mines .The paper mill.The Dover engineering works, Parker pens,The docks and boats,Avos,the box factory, the chair works, the Gas works ,the post office ships, P/cutters ,wood yards and the shops,And the list is only half way. 3hospitals with two open 24/7 most of the companys here would need 200+workers both men and women.And on top of all that we had 350 pubs one for each day of the year. And the armed services in 3 bks around the town and the RN was always sending ships into the port. We even had boot makers, watchmakers Tobacconist shops, sweet shops gunsmith,greengrocers, Bakers, cafes, and the very big stores like the co.op who had stores both sides of the high st anything from food to furniture,Hattens ,music shops even ice cream makes .Lots of jobs in the packet yard.

    The list goes on and on all the shops in the lanes and along townwall st hotels Car outlets, and new car outlets and m/bikes and push bikes outlets and all in the town.More jobs with company,s within both the eastern and western ends of the port What a town to live in. If you was not working in Dover it was because you did not like working.And when walking along the sea front you had to be care full not to get run over ,it was not by a car or lorry but a train which was running from one end to the other with coal wagons.

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    As requested Vic.

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