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    Halfway in in doing the post and lost it.means I have to start again.
    At the age of 11 in 1953 I moved up to Big Astor school and apart from music I was no good at school work.
    I was at that time playing out at care homes etc to the older ones and playing second violin in a local orchestrina.
    It was in the summer weeks both me and a mate went down to sea we both had car inner tubes which we put air in and went out to play in the sea in the harbour and in doing this move a wave tip me out of the tube into the sea and the tide took the tube away from me ,at that time I could not swim and my shouting was heard from the shore my a 15 year old school boy who jumped in the water fully dressed and save me from drowning ,If he had not done that I would not be telling the story now.
    That night at home there was a ring on the door and standing there was a young report from the Dover Express asking for the story we all know him he is still reporting today Mr Terry Sutton.
    Just a few weeks after that again same mate we was camping out in the woods and walking along a path in the wood we came to a tree with a dead man hanging from it after telling the police we never went back there.At about the age of 13 years I had my first girl and after about a month she said"Vic mum and dad are out tonight come up.Well lads what would you do?I could not wait to get up there never been in a girls house before .
    Anyway we was both sitting on the settee it was not long before we was kissing and must say I was getting very excited by this time and full or expection.
    And I asked her to show me her niickers NO! SHE SAID .i THEN SAID TO HER SHOW ME YOUR NICKERS PLEASE GO ON.
    Again she said no/by this time I was very hot under the collier.
    Look I said show me your nickers and I will give you two bob that is 10pence in the money we use today.

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