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    Well gone midnight so time to carry out what I said I am going to do.
    My life story will start before I even came on this world.
    On my dad side of the family it goes back to the days of Nelson and if you read books on Nelson you will see my familys name and why.He came from St Margarets Bay.But I do not know much about my Mums family I know she came from Devon and her dad was a captain in the Royal Navy.But My grandad on my dads side has a war grave over at the bay,But my story starts off in 1938 by then both my mother and father had been married a few years and dad saved hard he was working at the Dover Eng/works making manhole covers and job later in life I also done. At that time they were building new houses in Westbury Rd and with his savings he got one and in 1938 my brother was born there this house was to be our family home right up to the end of the 1970s ,but when war came the Dover eng/works was closed down by the war office because they needed it and the company was moved to Watford My mum was at that time expecting me so even that I have all ways said I was born in Dover that was a small lie in fact I was born in 1942 .When war came my father was called up and joined the Guards but that did not last long only a few weeks because of very bad burns to both his leg and foot he was know he was not medical fit to stay in the army ,so he returned to Watford rejoin his old job and was put in the home Guards.
    He was a very big man coming in at about 18stone and 6ft 6ins tall. When the family moved from Dover, the house in Westbury rd remained my dads . The windows and doors ex was coverd up because of the bombing that was going on at that time.
    I am told that my mum came back to Dover after only a short time in Watford bring back both my brother and myself but dad stayed in Watford till they return the factory to Dover about 1944.My first school was Bellgrave school on the hill at the end of Westbury rd.The buildings are still in use today.At this time my Father had got me my first violin which I went on to play right up till the ed of the 90s then taking it up again a few years ago but my bad hands stopped it in the end.
    I do not remember much about that school only that the wash house etc was round the back in the yard.after a few years at that school I was moved to St Martins school (Still a school today.)
    At that time both mt mother and father was members of Christ church in Folkestone rd and both my brother and myself joined as c/boys and remain singing there till the church was closed down..I was moved out of St Martins school because they did not teach music and was send the Astor Jr school so I could carry on playing and learning music because they done it at that school . I then moved next door to the new Sec/ modern school of Astor my brother being 3 years older was already there.
    I will carry on later in the week from the years between 11years till I joined the army at the age of just 16years old.

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