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    Like it or not I am going to start again and write it right up to the day I die.
    I am having a great life some of it is very sad but if I had my time over again apart from my drinking years I would do it all again.My school days, my years in the army ,my years in music, my years as a cllr and my years as a working person on both land and sea and some of the very big jobs I have worked on in the UK and France, Germany .I am not trying to show off or anything like that or make a name for myself ,just going to do what I have always wanted to do and that is be a writer and what is a better way then to write ones life story right up to the end .You can say what you like about it good or bad I do not care I am going to go ahead with it on the Dover Forum it will have no end to it only up to the day I die will I stop.I will commence it over this weekend.some of it you would have heard before but I am going to start from about 4 years before I was born and that will be the lead in .It all started for me at number 34 Westbury rd Dover.If you do not like me then do not read it .Thank you.Some of you will read about yourselfs because a lot of you have been part of my life over 72 years .

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