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    Has anyone seen such a gigantic mess as the new layout of the Morrisons store at Charlton Green? Are they trying to drive us all away for some reason. All the aisles are now great big long ones making it an absolute nuisance to find what you are looking for and not only that it also takes twice as long. It is also very elderly unfriendly because of this. This morning I saw a few elderly people having to travel further to fetch what they went in their for. It won't improve with time because it will always take much longer to shop because of the stupid long aisles. I have been thinking of shopping elsewhere for some time because of their high prices and picked Asda in the same area. What I cannot find in there I will get in the new Lidl at Whitfield. There is of course an Aldi in Dover but the quality of their products is bad and they treat the elderly bad also.
    Changing the subject entirely.

    Has anyone seen what they have done to the old A.T.Blackman business at 39 High Street? It has now been sold, some time ago, and two new flats built under the two old ones and the showroom is to be a store. This must surely have impacted on the rear of that building. I was under the impression that 39 had a preservation order on it, certainly the front, and with it's very old history I would not be surprised if the back had also. If so how are they getting away with it I wonder. If you are brave, and not afraid of woods, so I am told, you can climb down through the trees and see the utter mess they are creating at the back. I was told by someone who complained to DDC about the fires they were lighting up on the bank at the back that that they, DDC, could do nothing about it. Well that's odd because I know when ATB did so they had a prohibition notice served on them by DDC forbidding them to do so. This was a long time ago. Seems there are migratory birds who nest up there in the summer so very unkind to them and also the trees which must be getting burnt. There we are then. I should think whatever store opens in there won't succeed because of the very low footfall on that side of the High Street. It is why every single one has failed apart from Iceland and a few takeaways, and they don't seem to be doing good. The new grocer store near Iceland doesn't seem to doing well.

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