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    Highest bidder? With only a week to bid?

    Surely you mean preferred bidder?

    (Step forward DDC)

    With access to £200 million cheap money for 'property investment' (ha, bloody ha)

    A) buy site for £a
    B) sell half to Quinn for housing for £b where b>a
    C) with profit of £(b-a) 'save museum' AND have tidy profit.
    D) Placate the great unwashed who would normally be totally pissed off to find 1000s of homes being built as breeding boxes for displaced Londoners by saying have 'stopped' Quinn building on agricultural land at Northborne and instead have utilised 'brown field site' (which has had tens of millions of public money already spent on it but nobody gives a toss as it looks good for DDC's coffers).
    E) Trebles all round

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