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    Interestingly (?) while Paul Hannan (salary £260,000 - £270,000 2017) and Mark Lumsdon-Taylor (salary £200,000 - £210,000 2017) are suspended, presumably on full pay for first six months, they are both continuing to live on the rather nice on-site accommodation which 'comes with the job', royally pissing off other staff and students who are wondering what the future holds.

    Apparently the auditors who have been brought in are having a Hell of a time disentangling the accounts which some say were deliberately made over complicated so that when further funding streams were applied for, the true state of the Group's finances would not become immediately apparent.

    As anyone who has worked in education knows it's dead easy to pull the wool over the eyes of Governors on such matters, I myself having seen both a deputy head and a headteacher 'regretfully leave education to pursue other interests' complete with glowing testimonials, when told by the LEA the only alternative was prosecution for fraud and we really don't want this all over the papers do we?

    Incompetence or corruption is the only question?

    Surely there are not organisations employing people on a six figure salary, dealing with public money, who are totally useless? (Though I can think of a few locally! )

    Mr Plod is thinking that perhaps it should be for a jury to decide. Just saying.

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