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    WGS, many thanks for that link. The strike was, as I well knew and as all conflicts are, a lot more nuanced than my post of #6 made out, and certainly a lot more than either the usual suspects (Express and Telegraph) reported it at the time.

    It's not that “humankind can not bear very much reality” but that our tiny brains much prefer seeing in black and white rather than trying to dealing with the subtleties of shades of grey.

    Unfortunately, like with Brexit, we love morality plays where we can take sides and there are heroes to cheer and villains to boo, and we love a twist in the plot for a bit of ambiguity - just when we've decided that the wicked miners are ca'cannying (lovely phrase!) it's suggested that the wicked management are keeping the easier seams for post war use to increase their profits! Capitalist bastards! It's real Marx and Engels stuff here complete with a minimum wage.

    The MO studies are as ever fascinating complete with the 'obvious solution' for most things 'They should all be sent into the army. That’s my opinion' which still resonates in Golf Club bars up and down the country!

    Thanks again for the 'long read'.

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