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    But of course the 'Museum' will also show all about 'sustainable energy'! Gosh! When you turn this handle it operates a DY-NA-MO and the little light lights up!

    When the original plan came about I suggested that this would be an ideal place to show how ground sourced heat pumps worked but was told that this was far too expensive as it would involve drilling into the ground (well yes, that's how they work, and it would have been a great place to show it working as any drop in local ground temperature wouldn't affect anybody, and it might, just might, lead to a little more understanding of Entropy and Enthalpy and the Laws of Thermodynamics)

    In spite of the fact that the 'museum' (longer than the Shard is tall apparently - now there's one to tell your Grandchildren) was being built on a non homogeneous site no-one bothered to do tri-axial compression testing of soil sample so when the floor was laid it started cracking leading to back-to-the-drawing-board and loads of piling put in (a bit like the expensive drilling into the ground we couldn't do a couple of paragraphs back) and a HUGE over run on cost and time.

    But none of this matters because it is OTHER PEOPLES MONEY and what do I know anyway and if you wind this handle the little light comes on ...............

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