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    YOU are the problem.....#15

    No - actually as I observe it, I am not a problem. I live within the Town of Dover, thus I am a Townsfolk.

    I have good money in my purse. Today, I went to a Market which was non-existent, many other people were there with equally good money to spend.

    My friends in Canterbury and Folkestone follow the same procedure, money in their purses to spend on and within their local Market. Which offers good stalls, and a secure knowledge to their clientele that they will be open, whatever.

    No not Dover, we do not know if the Market will be there, and it is a terrible way to offer any service.

    Mr de Little, you left Dover to run a Pub...anyone who offers any opinion on this forum, you pop up like Lucifer to shove down an opinion or comment.

    I feel, with concern, that you are showing menopausal tendencies, should seek professional help.

    Maybe, take a break and observe yourself and your dislike of your fellow human beings. Perhaps, stop shooting from the hip all the time, and learn to love the people of Dover, and their opinions.

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