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    Obviously makes a lot of sense building a railway station in the middle of nowhere!

    Price now £34.5 million – more than double the original forecast of £14m.

    I was told by a County Councillor yesterday that they expect a lot of use from people at the Discovery Park!

    Time from Sandwich to St Pancras HS1 - 1hr29m to 1hr32m
    Time from Minster to St Pancras HS1 - 1hr32m - 1hr35m

    N.B. Thanet Parkway is further from StP than Minster by rail.
    Thanet Parkway is further from Discovery Park than Sandwich Railway Station by road.

    Meanwhile County Councillors have vowed to use psychic energy to levitate County Hall until it turns orange and vibrates. DDC will be leading Tibetan chants to assist.

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