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    Hello, yes blimey there is a possibility it will be a fully operational airport in 3 years (earlier for other non aero on site active-training etc)
    I have asked my mates if they can do an annual air show, like eastbourne.

    Locals here said they were able to put up with 40+ year old Boeing 747 and older russian cargo jets using the high street as a landing aid. They said you could count the rivets on the belly of them fruit freighters.
    At least wont be any more russian jets.

    Having been to several public presentations, yes re opening the former airport. It was mentioned many times that the actual location but the spokesman said sherness, dover is also far away and that they do great business.
    The multi mondail system has been mentioned.
    Think Boris the holiday maker , hey you remember him has said in the past that island or estuary airports are good and what he said about heathrow idea of a 3rd runway.

    Yes were getting a new thanet railway station, completely unmanned. Its just an incentive for more house builders.
    Yes we have a nice tunnel to the commercial port, there is a family of pavee travellers living in the commercial port but iirc thanet council evicted them from Palm bay (a posh area ) and i believe a court told tdc they have find local temporary stopping place for them.

    Thanet got £20m ish levelling up fund, so much/most is going into the harbour/port including a new berth for bretts concrete and a new breakwater.

    Still trying to get a flat in dover, covid has so not helped for many reasons. Kind of looking at 1 bedroom gateway flat I will keep looking.

    Good afternoon

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