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    Some things to pick out of this article.

    Dover District Council's cabinet voted to buy one site in Bench Street, Dover, for £2 million and another for £270,000.

    The aim is to provide a new creative centre in the area, which will form part of a mixed-use development that will also include seven homes.

    The go-ahead comes after the district last April got £3.2 million from the Government's Future High Streets Fund for town centre regeneration.

    The cabinet also agreed to look into having a new crossing for pedestrians over the A20 Townwall Street.

    This would be on top of improvements to the areas's existing underpass, whose town centre end starts at Bench Street.

    "The Future High Streets project includes major proposals for a new creative space, which we continue to develop, and we continue to develop proposals for a reimagining of the subway under the A20.

    "As plans continue to evolve, we are at very early stages of working with partners to investigate the possibility of an at-grade crossing over the A20, which is being developed in parallel with continuing progress on plans for the renovations to the underpass.

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