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    If we are talking about the ones over at the bay then it was myself that found the one that had to be put down it is very upsetting for myself to talk about them.
    I have been feeding them now for over 20years there are photos on the forum of me doing it.
    If found please show them again I was only over there on Friday morning feeding the last two one is very unwell and cannot walk well the other one is OK but they have always been with each other.
    You could not put that one with the other ones far to old .I will look into this myself in the morning ad try to find out what is happing.
    But again this is very upsetting news to myself after all the years I have summer and winter been seeing to them.
    But will say the N/T have over the years looked after them well, they are wild ones and must be treated as such.
    I did at time aske for cover to be put up there but was told Vic they would not use it.
    THEY are like family to me I feed them by hand and talk to them sorry I must stop now.

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